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Hello and welcome to Luzette Florist

Luzette Florist has been a staple in the community for close to 40 years being one of the longest family run florists in Devonport.  In November 2019 it was sold for the first time out of the family, and I was fortunate enough to make my dream a reality and purchase Luzette Florist.

My name is Janet and I own this little flower shop, I have a passion for flowers in all shapes and colours.   I love to create individual and unique florals for each customer with them in mind.

When you make a purchase it will be me  who takes the order, writes the card and creates the floral arrangement; sometimes I even get the pleasure of doing a delivery, I like to keep things personal and if you have specific requirements I will do my best to make it happen, albeit it where seasons allow and Mother Nature produces her best.